India Day 1

Well. I landed 🕊

Delhi was miles of new and old concrete. Construction going up, construction standing still, concrete falling apart and everything between. I arrived at 2:35am, and quickly found my ride and stared the journey to the Himalayas.

After 2 hours of colorfully decorated semis that were screaming honks, we danced through the highway north bound.

We approached the forested and farm land just south of the Himalayas. The sun was a giant bright red burst as it began rising. The sun appears bigger here, it feels as it must be gods own head lamp. It peaks its way through the fogged farm land to give morning light to the people, who by 4 am are awake and working.

Tiny bikes pulling hundred of pounds of hay, cows moving around through the mist and people beginning the day with smokes from kitchen fires. The people appear to be a sect of Muslim in this area, as the men and women both wear cloth covering there entires bodies. All clothed, except for the old man, who appeared to be walking around in a loin cloth and a head wrap. Maybe the laws become more lenient as one ages 🙈

I made it to India, the thought sunk deeper in as the landscapes morph.

As we continue the drive, the morning reminance of a fatal accident spread across the road. Liquids of man and mobile color the morning road. A truck smashed to oblivion and the reminder how thin the line of life and death really is... 🌄

Shortly after we drive through a city of broken bricks, no doubt a earth quake hit here, and there were not resources to mend how much damage was done. Although through the broken piles and smog, I see people holding hands and sharing stories, I see a boy getting his motorbike ready and texting with a grin, I see restaurants prepping there morning teas and offerings. Small shrines of dedication to the gods of this land are found within the open spaces between buildings..🕌

The air is crisper the closer we got closer to Rishikish, and everything became more lush. We drove along side the Ganga river, with many people bathing and praying around it. Monkeys and wild peacocks began to appear and I have now arrived. More soon ❤

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