Wachuma is the indigenous name for San Pedro, and is a tall green cactus that grows natively on the Coastline of Peru and Ecuador. San Pedro has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years by South Americans. The use is currently being revitalized and helps countless numbers of people heal from mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

Wachuma, in the Andean Quechua language, translates to removal of the ego or the mind. This means Wachuma helps the person move from destructive thinking patterns, and brings them back to the heart and a place of love and compassion. The Spanish Conquistadors named this medicine ‘San Pedro’ after Saint Peter, who held the keys to the gates of heaven. Both of these names refer to the magnitude of this sacrament, which helps resolve harmful negative thinking patterns, and offers anti-depressant qualities.

Anna Keppen works extensively with an Indigenous family from the high Andes who have worked with shamanic healing for many generations. She also helps organize plant medicine retreats along with Westerners  and Peruvians who have dedicated their lives to serving and learning these ancient ways. Typically in a ceremony a pilgrimage,  hiking to a sacred site or mountain, is involved.

Anna will be facilitating  a retreat in November of 2020 . Check out the Andes Tour section to see all the info!