hi, i'm anna.

Founder of flying Bird Medicine

Through expansion, Flying Bird Medicine has grown to include a team of loving and diversely skilled facilitators.


Flying Bird Medicine was founded to serve local and international communities with a variety of healing offerings. As I traveled and realized my own healing, my dream of expanding the Flying Bird Medicine team grew organically through love. We now offer ancient healing practices with Quechua, Shipibo and Karuk teachings, medicine music, life coaching, grief processing, end-of-life shepherding, and plant medicine retreats with one:one integration support.



Anna has studied under and had the privilege to be guided by many wise people from around the world over the past ten years. Most prevalent in her current work and offerings are the teachings she respectfully learned from her chosen Shipibo and Quechua Maestros.

Teachers from many cultures, including her beloved Kruk people, have changed how Anna interacts with people, spirit and pachamama. Though ceremony is not currently held with her North American and Indian teachers, their wise life and spiritual teachings are always within Anna and continually touches her spiritual guidance in many ways.

While joining retreat in the Andes you will work with Anna and 2-3 of her teachers from the Pacos lineage. If you join Anna in the jungle you will have the opportunity to sit and drink with Anna, and one of her Shipibo Maestros. The generational knowledge Anna has been taught is deep in the work she does. She is forever grateful to her teachers, spirits and guides for showing her the ancient path. Gratitude emanates from her heart for being given the permission to follow her path of helping others.

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Anna and Amanda

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As Anna traveled the world and developed Flying Bird Medicine, many people came to her for healing guidance. To support the people who need help the most, Flying Bird naturally grew to include Amanda. Amanda is a sister and student of Anna's. She is also a Death Worker, Grief Guide, writer, jewelry maker, and manager of Flying Bird Medicine's website.


Amanda's education in Sustainable Management, M.S. offered lifelong teachings on how to always act with respect and love for Pachamama. Her 13 years of experience also led Amanda to see how disconnected colonized society is from the earth. She believes in order to stop the harm we have caused we must transmute our pain and grief. Recognizing the disconnect between earth and western constructs, Amanda began learning how to support the dying.

Through volunteering and ceremony, Amanda developed ways to process grief related to death and other experiences. Unresolved grief, as Amanda learned first-hand, can cause life long dis-ease.


Amanda supports you in regaining your whole-being autonomy through offering one-on-one grief support, remotely or in person. She is also here to help you or a loved one through the active dying process - however that looks for you. While in ceremony, Amanda is available to support processing a terminal diagnosis, death of the ego or other losses you have experienced.


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Anna and Amanda

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Renee Frye is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and MHIR™ Behavior Response System Founder. She offers the Klamath Basin guidance through Shamanic Healing and Education.


Every year in Klamath Falls, OR, Renee and Anna offer the annual Gratitude Gathering. Stay tuned for dates and times for these events!

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