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For those of you who don't know me, I have dedicated my life to a spiritual path, which is focused on guiding others to find healing, as I have. I currently live in Peru, half of the time in the Andean Mountains and the other half in the Amazon. I work and apprentice with plant medicine to heal the whole-being. My passion and healings come from helping people in group settings and creating musical stories to reach people worldwide.

Often times when I leave the jungle retreat participants ask, "How can I support your work?" Well- this is how! Currently my income goes back into my studies and travel for work. I have launched my Patreon to provide resources to further my passion of healing music and to create a new album!

When I was 21, alone, in the Amazon jungle for the first time I had an earthshaking vision. Since this life changing experience in 2014, I have been silently working on this project to bring my vision into fruition. I have been blessed to travel and study with many different cultures around the world. From far Eastern Asia, to the Amazon and Andes of Peru, I was taught old cultures and songs. From sleeping on bamboo floors, to jungle huts and sheep skin grounds; I have had my ear to the ground and heart to the sky- listening. My vision is to create an album to bridge these sacred cultures, while celebrating their diversity, through my music. With the help of my friends and teachers from these areas, I will record an album of original music that also contains their culturally relevant stories; weaving a web that shows Our Heartbeat Is One.


One of my first teachings about the soul of music came from a man of the Wasco Nation, Warm Springs Tribe of Central Oregon. He said the drumbeat is the heartbeat of mother earth; the same beat we all share. These words struck me and helped me realize we all had the same heartbeat, no matter who or where we are in the world. From the Karuk of Northern California, the Shipibo of the Amazon or the high mountain cultures of the Andes, it is apparent we are of One Heartbeat. These amazing teachers and cultures have shaped me and empowered this album through support and community. Patreon offers a way for you to support me in giving back to these friends and in creating soulful music of togetherness. In return for your monthly support, I will post new music and updates of this world album. Each new song will also include the teachings and story behind the song.

By October 2020, there will be 12 songs and hopefully enough funding to professionally record and produce my album by the end of 2020. By becoming my Patreon you can support my musical dream and all the people involved in creating this living album! To say thank you and support the families who help share this story, a portion of proceeds will go back to their communities.

Please join me on this musical adventure to develop my album "Our Heart Beat Is One!"

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