Sacred Valley Medicine Tour

Welcome to a magical land, the Sacred Valley of Peru.


This is an exciting new tour and a different style from the previous ones we have offered. This tour includes ceremonies in the mountains, waterfalls and ancient sites of the Sacred Valley. We will be staying in one hotel nestled in the mountains of this valley for the entire tour. Staying in one spot will give us a launching pad for our daily tours and ceremonies.


We are beyond delighted to offer you the places, people and medicine that have shaped Anna's life. We handpicked ceremonies to be at our favorite locations in the Sacred Valley of Peru, which most tourists will never see. We want to share with you the places and people that have moved us, opened her heart and expanded her consciousness.


The first day of the retreat will start in Cusco on November 9, to meet and then travel to the Sacred Valley. For the next nine days we will experience four sacred wachuma ceremonies, a cacao circle, frequent integration gatherings, teachings from Quecha maestros, most meals, tours of Pisca and Chinchero during rest days and deep emotional and spiritual connections with local families, the sacred land and each other. After we experience all of the real Sacred Valley and give thanks for the teachings we are shown, we will head back to Cusco. Part I of the tour ends and Part II begins, if you want to join us in Machu Picchu. This portion of the trip starts on Nov 18 as a rest day and then takes us to Machu Picchu. We will end the tour in Cusco on November 20.


It is essential to arrive 48 hours early. We kindly recommend arriving at least 2-3 days early in Cusco Peru. Cusco is a very cool historic, tourist friendly city. Do some research and begin to get excited about visiting this magical city! You will be added to the Facebook group once you have made a deposit, so you can make plans with the other participants!


  • All in region transportation

  • All lodging (except where listed for extension)

  • All meals (except where listed)

  • Wachuma Ceremonies

  • Cacao and integration circles

  • Entrance fees to sites​

Not included:

International flights, domestic flights, meals where not stated, snacks/ drinks, gratitude and tips


Beyond her years...
Beyond her years...

"Beyond her years, she is a natural teacher."

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An authentic inspiration...
An authentic inspiration...

"An authentic inspiration for anyone looking to connect back into the natural world we all hold inside. Let her carry you home. She will brighten your day without you realizing it!"

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Anna is such a wonderful...
Anna is such a wonderful...

"Anna is such a wonderful sparkle of light. She has an amazing gift with energy and her enthusiasm for yoga is infectious. In her presence I feel pure love and joy."

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Being around Anna...
Being around Anna...

"Being around Anna is like rediscovering your curiosity for life and inner exploration. She fills you with inspiration to advance because she truly believes in people. Many people tend to be drawn to her powerful and wise energy. Anna tends to create a sacred nurturing space for deep replenishment and transformation. Through Native American sweat lodges & Indigenous Medicine Wheel ceremonies, her bodywork & classes are infused with arts of purification and healing, wisdom and medicine stories."

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...One of the best massages ever...
...One of the best massages ever...

"I have been receiving bodywork for at least 30 years and can safely say it was one of the best massages I have ever had. I would highly recommend anyone interested in bodywork to try her."

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Honestly, we are... better
Honestly, we are... better

"Honestly, we are becoming a better and changed species because of her. I feel renewed and in a state of love and peace during and after her classes. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do dear Anna!"

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The Sacred Sites


Anna has worked with the Pacos linage and tradition of Wachuma for over five years and is committed to sharing the reverence she has for them and the medicine. Her studies have allowed her to travel near and far to different ceremonial sites, which led to the special-ness of the handpicked sites for this tour. These sights all contain a particular essence, or spiritual meaning. For thousands of years people have set out on pilgrimages to the Sacred Valley  to find meaning in their lives, healing, and deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Often times people come to Peru, see Machu Picchu and Cusco, and leave. This tour provides an opportunity to meet local families, give back to the local community, and see and meet the beings of the land in a profound way. 

The Shaman(s)

Percy Huaman Levita is a descendant of the Inca people from the Andes Mountains in Peru. He comes from a family lineage, called Pacos, in the Andes. This term is similar to the word Shaman in English or - healer. He is a Master of Living Energy, and is skilled at working with Ancient ways that have been passed down from his ancestors. These ways teach us how to be in complete balance and harmony with Mother Earth and how to improve our relationships with each other and the entire world around us. These teachings have been preserved for centuries and in the modern world provide very profound and important tools for living a joyful life in very troubled times. Percy teaches us how to come into deeper connection with our Earth, with each other and most importantly with ourselves. He owns the well known tour agency Inka Ayni and works with other trained shamans from his family lineage.

What We Need From You

Coming to the Andes is no small task. We appreciate your courage and strength to travel here. No doubt you will embark on the journey of a lifetime. Because of the elevation, and intensity of the climate, we ask you arrive at least 2-3 days before the tour, so your body can adjust. Sometime people experience a 24 hour period of altitude sickness, and we want you to be well for the tour.

Communication is essential. We want to hear your needs, your problems, your concerns. We are here for you! If something isn’t working, TELL US! 

Positive attitude. We are coming to heal, to change, to grow. We will be in a foreign country where things are different, timing is different and culture is new to us. Americans in general have a pretty bad wrap, lets make a new impression with our group. Positivity and respect for this culture, yes and yes! 

Flexibility. For those of you who know me, know I am a timely person. Moving to Peru I have had the opportunity to learn Peruvian time. What this means, is the culture operates on a very different time scale than Western time. They go with the flow and move in a different rhythm. Sometimes this means that things can be delayed. Please help us by practicing patience and being aware sometime things don’t happen on the dot. 

No expectations. Sometimes people come down here to heal a physical ailment and they end up healing a broken heart. It is great to have intentions for this trip but we try not to have heavy expectations. The medicine works in mysterious ways! 


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Logistics + Pricing


You can get the Early Bird Discount until May. If you are interested, we recommend saving your place with a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. A deposit of $1000 USD can be made to reserve your space.


Space is limited!!!


  • Early Bird Price for Standard Tour: $1,900


  • Early Bird Price for Standard Tour & Machu Picchu: $2,300


  • Regular Price for Standard Tour: $2,200


  • Regular Price for Standard Tour & Machu Picchu: $2,600

Please make payments via PayPal: akeppen92@gmail.com



Please try to travel lightly! We will be traveling in a van with all our things NO GIANT SUITCASES!!! If you need help packing, call Anna and she will tell you to bring LESS 😉


Day Back Pack - Towel - Tennis shoes to hike - Sunglasses - Wide brimmed hat

Passport - ATM CARD - Cash - Earplugs - Cell Phone Charger - Journal

Rain Jacket - Warm Layers - Flashlight - Warm Socks - Bathing Suit

Good Attitude


Hotels + homestays

For this retreat we will be in a combination of Hotels and Homestays and we will be sharing rooms. If you desire a PRIVATE room, please let us know. It will be an extra $250 USD total if you would like private accommodations. 

The homestays are once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and be with the locals. We stay with beautiful and incredibly loving families.  Consider brushing up on your Spanish, so you can say things like “Buenos Dias” ( Good Morning!), or “Gracias” ( Thank you). Very simple Spanish can take you a long way!


REGARDING MEALS: The Andean diet has a main staple of potatoes and meat. It is customary and polite to eat what is provided to us by our host families. If you are vegan or vegetarian, let me know! You will see above that almost all meals are included. There are some meals that aren’t included; this occurs because you either have a rest day, or different options to choose from. We recognize doing the medicine work can be deep and profound and some alone time is needed for this. For example, on the 3rd and 4th day of the tour we have ceremonies. After the ceremony you may feel like going straight to bed or you may feel like getting room service. You can expect to pay $5.00USD to $10.00 for meals that are not included. In this tour we have 5 meals that are not included. Bringing an extra $50-$70 dollars would cover these meals.  It is very affordable where we are going and my intention is to not have any hidden costs for you.

Thank you for trusting my family and me. Thank you for doing this for yourself! Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Flying Bird Medicine Family. A detailed schedule will be provided once you are signed-up for this epic adventure!


Giant hug, see you in the Andes!

Anna and the Flying Bird Medicine Family

Contact + Payment information

Thank you so much for reaching out to me...I'll be in touch with you very soon. - Anna

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