Ayahuasca REtreats 

“I have witnessed miracles in the jungle; healings I once would have deemed impossible. The medicinal plants of the Amazon have changed my life for the better. It is a joy that this path opened to me, and a honor that I can share this healing with others” ​​​​​​-Anna

Ayahuasca is a medicinal brew of plants from the Amazon jungle. This sacrament has been used for hundreds of years in cultures from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. Many tribal uses and historical significance vary with Ayahuasca and its applications based on tribe. Ayahuasca is now being used globally to help people seeking self-healing and transformation in their lives.

The shamanic use of Ayahuasca is to be respected, and has profound healing benefits when administered properly. It is important to find a safe, reliable shaman and center that has extensive training when feeling drawn to a ceremony.

Anna Keppen first drank Ayahuasca at the age of 21. After her first ceremony she was so impacted by the medicine she shifted the course of her life to move to Peru. She has lived and studied extensively with medicine families from the Shipibo and Mestizo cultures. Anna has participated in 100's of ritualistic ways to study this path the earnest way, and continues to learn in Peru now.

After years of work with the Shipibo and an intensive training in the Amazon, Anna now facilitates retreats along side her Shipibo teachers with Aya Healing Retreats, deep in the Peruvian Amazon. Check out the link:




Anna will be facilitating specific retreats listed below for 2020.


Tentative: September 26 - Oct. 6 2020

Tentative: October 13 - Oct 23 2020