Welcome to the magical landscapes of Southern Peru, the Andes. This will be a deep dive into the heart of the Andes, Altiplano- or high planes. On this pilgrimage, we will be exploring the depths of the Andean mountains and lakes of southern Peru, plant medicine, culture and ourselves. Hiking, traveling, movement and expansion will be included in this journey. Part one of this journey will be in the high Andes working in-depth with medicine and ceremony. Part two option offers an opportunity to see Machu Picchu, for those who have not journeyed with us before. 

November 11 - Monday

Day 1 - Meet in Cusco early morning - travel to Amantani

Despacho in evening

(lunch on your own at local market, dinner included)


November 12 - Tuesday

Day 2 - Ceremony in Pachamama temple

(breakfast and dinner included)


November 13 - Wednesday

Day 3 - Ceremony in Pachatata temple (half day)

Sharing circle at night

(breakfast and dinner included)


November 14 - Thursday

Day 4 - Travel to Puno

Rest day 

  ( breakfast included - lunch and dinner on your own in Puno)  


  November  15 - Friday

Day 5 - Ceremony Kutinpuy

  (breakfast and dinner included) Dinner will be ceremony style - family style on the mountain 


  November 16 - Saturday

Day 6 - Rest Day (option, afternoon tour for floating islands) 

  ( breakfast included, - lunch and dinner on your own in Puno)  


  November 17 - Sunday

Day 7 - Ceremony Amarumuru

    (breakfast and dinner included) Dinner will be ceremony style - family style on the mountain  


  November 18 - Sunday

Day 8 -  Travel to Cusco

Closing circle at dinner

(breakfast, lunch and dinner provided) 

(Hotel provided this evening)


November 19 - Monday

Day 9


For those who continue to Machu Picchu - This will be a rest day

(breakfast provided; lunch and dinner on your own in Cusco)



 November 20 TUESDAY – DAY 10

Rest day in Cusco (no meals included)


Novmber 21 WEDNESDAY – DAY 11

Transportation to MP, 1 night stay at MP (no meals included)


November 22 THURSDAY– DAY 12

Machu Picchu and return to Cusco (no meals included)  

Hotel is not included this evening (although we can arrange a hotel for you) 



(The extension to Machu Picchu is 400 USD. Includes:

Bus from Cusco to Ollantaytambo round trip.

Train to MP round trip.

One night hotel MP

Bus to MP round trip

Entrance fee to MP

Tour guide for MP)

About the sacred sites


I have been working with this family and tradition of Wachuma for over four years. I have traveled near and far to different ceremonial sites. These sites for this tour were handpicked by me because all contain a particular essence, or spiritual meaning. For example, Katunipuy, our first ceremony space, is all about “Calling back the essence of your true soul.” This means, if you’re looking for direction, or feeling lost, this place can help you reclaim your power.

What we need from you 

Coming to the Andes is no small task. We appreciate your courage and strength to travel here. No doubt you will embark on the journey of a lifetime. Because of the elevation and intensity of the climate, we ask you to arrive at least 2-3 days before the tour, so your body can adjust. Sometime people experience a 24 hour period of altitude sickness and we want you to be well for the tour.


Communication is essential. We want to hear your needs, your problems, your concerns. We are here for you! If something isn’t working, TELL US! 


Positive attitude. We are coming to heal, to change, to grow. We will be in a foreign country where things are different, timing is different and culture is new to us. Positivity and respect for this culture, is a big must! 


Flexibility. For those of you who know me, know I am a timely person. Moving to Peru I have had the opportunity to learn, Peruvian time. This means the culture operates on a very different time scale than Western time. They go with the flow and move in a different rhythm. Sometimes this means that things can be delayed. Please help us by practicing patience and being aware sometime things don’t happen on the dot. 


No expectations. Sometimes people come down here to heal a physical ailment and they end up healing a broken heart. It is great to have intentions for this trip, but we try not to have heavy expectations. The medicine works in mysterious ways! 



For this retreat we will be in a combination of Hotels and Homestays. We will be sharing rooms. If you desire a PRIVATE room, please let me know. It will be an extra $250 USD total if you would like private accommodations. 


The homestays are an once in a lifetime opportunity, to meet and be with the locals. We stay with beautiful and incredible loving families. Consider brushing up your Spanish, so you can say things like “Buenos Dias” ( Good Morning!), or “Gracias” ( Thank you). Very simple Spanish can take you a long way! 


What is included

  • All transportation 

  • All lodging

  • All meals (except where listed)

  • Wachuma Ceremonies

  • Entrance fees to sites


Not included

International flights, domestic flights, meals where not stated, snacks/ drinks, gratitude and tips


REGARDING MEALS: If you are vegan or vegetarian, let me know! You will see above that almost all meals are included. There are some meals that aren’t included. These meals are because you either have a rest day or different options to choose from. We recognize doing the medicine work can be deep and profound and some alone time is needed to process this. An example is, on the 2nd and 3rd day of the tour we have ceremonies. After the ceremony you may feel like going straight to bed, or you may feel like getting room service. This is why not all meals are included but you will see in the itinerary that nearly everything is included. You can expect to pay $5.00USD to $10.00 for meals. In this tour we have 5 meals that are not included. Bringing an extra $50-$70 dollars would cover these meals.  It is very affordable where we are going, and my intention is to not have any hidden costs for you.



You can get the Early Bird Discount until July 2020. If you are interested, I recommend saving your place with the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. Space is limited!!! 


Early Bird Price for Standard Tour: $1,900


Early Bird Price for Standard Tour & Machu Picchu: $2,300


Regular Price for Standard Tour: $2,200


Regular Price for Standard Tour & Machu Picchu: $2,600 


A deposit of $1000 USD can be made to reserve your space. 

Please make payments to PayPal: 


Arrival info:


It is essential to arrive 48 hours early. We kindly recommend arriving at least 2-3 days early.

Cusco is a very cool historic, tourist friendly city, there is lot to do and an early arrival is essential to acclimate to the high elevation PRIOR to our retreat. 


Please try to travel lightly! We will be traveling in a van with all our things NO GIANT SUITCASES!!! 

If you need help packing, call me and I will tell you to bring LESS 😉 


Day Back Pack


Tennis shoes to hike


Wide brimmed hat





Cell Phone Charger


Rain Jacket

Warm Layers


Warm Socks

Good Attitude

Please email for questions, see you soon in the mountains!! - Anna 

Winding Roads
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