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Flying Bird Medicine supports individuals on their journey to well-being, freedom and expansion.


Within this site you will learn about and how to participate in plant medicine ceremonies in Peru. Yoga, sound healing, sweat lodge purification ceremonies, musical collaborations and much more information is also available. 


Anna Keppen is a traditional health advocate, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT #17951, and Registered Yoga Instructor 500 RYT. She devotes her life to healing and educating others on ancient healing practices. Her passion for whole-being wellness translates to her offering clients tools for self realization and empowerment.


Anna received her bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Native American Culture Studies from Southern Oregon University. Post graduation Anna continued her plant medicine and bodywork education in India and South America. A combination of her formal and traditional studies led to the creation of Flying Bird Medicine .

In late 2014, Anna felt a pull to focus on the ancient rituals of the Amazon. Traveling to Peru in August of that year, she had her first introduction to the profound healing capabilities of Ayahuasca. Through teachings from several indigenous communities, Anna discovered her natural ability to bridge cultures, backgrounds and unique personalities with the healing powers of the Amazon. 


Along with plant medicine, Anna teaches Qigong and Yoga. Training in India solidified her belief that it is imperative to respect ancient teachings and where they come from.

Anna serves local and international communities with a variety of offerings. Healing requests and educational opportunities have her traveling and working frequently in Southern Oregon, Arizona and Peru. She supports all people, ages, and stages, on their path of transformation. Anna is currently based in Peru and is reaching the world through her music on Patreon



Calendar + Scheduling Information


Jan 01, 2020

Anna will be facilitating these specific retreats in 2020. Come join us in the jungle!

Ayahuasca Retreats


Tentative: September 26 - Oct. 6 2020

Tentative: October 13 - Oct 23 2020

In 2020, we will be offering a magical November retreat based in the Sacred Valley. Please follow the link for the November 2020 ANDES TOUR to explore more.

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Anna Keppen, LMT, RYT, BA


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